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Feb 28th 2016:

  • Added Equipment ESP

Feb 18th 2016:

  • Added Snaplines

Nov 11th 2015:

  • Updated hack for recent CS:GO update

Oct 26th 2015:

  • Fixed Triggerbot - Now usable with grenades, knifes etc.

Oct 25th 2015:

  • Fixed Fastshoot
  • Fixed Bhop
  • Fixed Aim Assist

Sep 13th 2015:

  • Readded Fastshoot
  • Fixed Aim Assist
  • Fixed Triggerbot

Aug 20th 2015:

  • Added Bombtimer
  • Added Defusetimer

Aug 10th 2015:

  • Added LegitMeter

Aug 8th 2015:

  • Added Bone ESP

May 27th 2015:

  • Fixed Aim Assist and Triggerbot after CS:GO update

May 14th 2015:

  • Added a basic trigger bot (Toggle with numpad 8. High tune: always on, middle tune: only on while pressing left ALT key, low tune: disabled)
  • Added numpad 7 to toggle radar.

Apr 29th 2015:

  • Fixed some bugs which have been caused by tools like AMD Raptr or Razor Gamebooster

Apr 24th 2015:

  • Improved the aim assist (especially for pistols)

Apr 17th 2015:

  • Added beeping when changing options (low deactivated / high activated)
  • You can now change to aim point with NUMPAD5

Apr 16th 2015:

  • Disabled aim assist for knife, taser, bomb, grenades & snipers
  • Updated to the latest version of CS:GO

Apr 14th 2015:

  • Added colored weapons

Apr 11th 2015:

  • Fixed the "U-Turn" bug with the aim assist

Apr 10th 2015:

  • Added BHop
  • Fixed some more bugs with the aim assist

Apr 9th 2015:

  • Changed ESP to Glow ESP
  • Removed the Radar

Apr 8th 2015:

  • Fixed some bugs with the aim assist

Apr 7th 2015:

  • Added aim assist

Apr 5th 2015:

  • Hack has been completely rewritten

Feb 15th 2015:

  • Improved rank & wins ESP

Feb 11th 2015:

  • Added Rank & Win ESP

Dec 27th 2014:

  • Added changelogs
= Available,
= Unavailable,
= Comming soon